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Nature vs. Nurture 2-Pack

1x 2017 Nature Pinot Noir
1x 2017 Nurture Pinot Noir

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 For wine geeks there is often a debate about Nature vs. Nurture. Is it the intangible terroir of a vineyard site that gives a wine its character OR is it the winemaking decisions made in the cellar that decide its flavour profile.

We don't subscribe to a 'one size fits all' approach. We believe it's a winemaker's task to diligently care for the vineyards in order to produce delicious, healthy fruit. Following this, they use their honed skills to orchestrate and facilitate the process of fermentation to create the best wine possible. 

So what's the difference between Nature and Nurture? 
2017 Nature Pinot Noir came into being through a "wild" fermentation, meaning the yeast that turned grape juice into wine existed naturally in the vineyards.
2017 Nurture Pinot Noir was made by using a selected yeast strain, isolated for it's ability to showcase our cool-climate Pinot Noir vineyards, to inoculate the fermentation.  

We often use a mixture of both styles of fermentation to create wines of greater complexity. In 2017 we picked a small lot of Pinot Noir; half was inoculated using a specific cultured yeast strain and the rest was allowed to ferment naturally using indigenous yeast. All other variables were the same and yet we have two distinct wines. 

Try our Nature vs. Nurture wines and judge for yourself.

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