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Flat Rock's Mimosa Kit

Day Two of the 12 Days of Christmas at Flat Rock Cellars

What could be better than a mimosa enjoyed first thing on Christmas morning? Short of opening presents, I suppose. This holiday kit includes everything you need for this fruity and effervescent treat, plus a few extra breakfast fixins. What are the holidays for if not for celebration?

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This kit includes:
2020 Sparkling Twisted A prosecco-style sparkler, delicious on its own or with some fresh OJ. From Flat Rock Cellars.
2018 Nadja’s Vineyard Riesling A crisp and mineral-driven single-vineyard wine. Fruity notes of pears and peaches make this an excellent “breakfast wine”. From Flat Rock Cellars.
Orange Juice Sweet and tangy, the perfect accompaniment to Sparkling Twisted in your Christmas morn mimosa. From Black River Juice in Mississauga.
Sparkling SWAG A sparkling wine bottle stopper so your Sparkling Twisted will last, and a crown cap bottle opener. From FRC and our sister brewery, Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. in Dundas.
Coffee Freshly roasted, fair trade coffee beans made by our Winemaker, Allison Findlay. From Vintage Coffee Roasters in Hamilton.
Cherry Jam Niagara cherries turned immortal. From Provisions Food Company in Beamsville.
Homemade Pancakes Recipe Flat Rock’s creative guru, Karen, is also a trained chef! This is her own recipe for delectable pancakes. From Karen Brookbank in Hamilton.


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