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2019 Nadja's Vineyard & E{NV}Y Nadja's Vineyard 2.0 2-PACK

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$50.30 per Bottle

It's undeniable that there's something special about this single vineyard at the south edge of our property. Perhaps it's the cooler temperature resulting from higher altitude or the thin topsoil under which a bedrock of limestone forces the roots to stretch downward.
We may never quite understand the intangible mystery of terroir this vineyard showcases, but we can certainly try.

In 2014, we had the opportunity to experiment with our vines atop the escarpment. We trialled a new clone of Riesling just across
the road from noteworthy Nadja's Vineyard. We chose clone 239, native to Alsace and we're one of few wineries in Ontario growing it.
This sister vineyard is flourishing and we made the decision to bottle this beauty as a single-vineyard wine as well.

Taste and compare the first ever side-by-side of Nadja's Vineyard and her sister E{NV}Y Nadja's Vineyard 2.0. Both Riesling, separated by a laneway, each with a distinct personality.


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